Why I wrote a children’s book.

Hello! I am so happy you have joined this community.  All are welcome here. This is how Bennie and Brave came to be.  I work with children with autism, Down Syndrome, and other diagnoses.  On my 49th birthday January 22,2020 I was scheduled for a home therapy session an hour away from my home.  At the last minute prior to leaving my driveway, it started snowing wildly, causing my client to cancel.

Fully dressed  for the day’s work, I sat back down in my chair and thought, “what do I do now with these next 5 hours? I am never home this time of day.”  A strong wave came over me and I heard the question- “What do you want for your birthday?”.  Instantly I said, “I want to write a children’s book about love, acceptance, courage, equality, and inclusion”. 

 I advocate in many ways, but  had never considered  writing a book.  I thought “Why not! Who knows who it might help!” I put pen to paper and 29 minutes the book was finished.  Later that day, I read it. It was quite emotional, because the words that I wrote are  important, especially in these times.  They are the words that my Grandmother, Erma Lee,  said to me all throughout my childhood, and  have been ringing in my ears for as long as I can remember.  

Bennie and Brave was inspired not only by my Grandparents, but my clients and friends with autism and Down syndrome.  Everyday they  show me what it looks like to be brave.  I was a little scared to put this book out into the world.  But I thought about my clients.  I hired an amazing illustrator, but due to scheduling changes during the pandemic,  I almost gave up so many times.  I almost quit, because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Nevertheless, here it is.  Bennie and Brave.  Thanks to the many people who cheered me on 

This book is set in a city that I fell in love with long ago, New York City.  I hope you enjoy the stunning artwork that was lovingly curated.  

May this book be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and forward positive action. May it spread love and kindness.  Thank  you for joining the community!

  “Love includes everyone and I am sending you love right this very minute.”