Kat Hardin is a mom to her wonderful children, Sam and Zoe.  She advocates for all children, and teaches strong leadership principles.  She currently works with children with disabilities, including those with Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The love and passion she has for her clients and their families extends far past her career. She advocates for others in a way that is fiercely persistent, genuine and full of love. 


As a child, Kat loved to visit her Great Grandparents  and her lovely Aunt Jo, who always have candy ready available. Therefore, Kat lovingly called their house "The Sugar House".  She describes it as such a dreamy place, with lush perfectly manicured flower and vegetable gardens, tall Oak trees and a robust little vineyard. Sweet Aunt Jo had Down Syndrome, and holds a significant place in Kat's childhood memories.


Aunt Jo had the ability to enjoy life to the fullest, and encouraged everyone in her life to do the same. That special house was full of love, encouragement, and inclusion. The vision for Bennie and Brave is to capture "The Sugar House" spirit and spread it to you and yours.  

This book is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action, as we move forward together in the quest for equality and inclusion, with kindness.